Personal Real Estate Corporation

Estimated Costs - Buyer



Home Inspection

The inspectors will advise where repairs and maintenance is required.

$300 - $800

Depends on the type and size.

Appraisal Fee

Before your lender approves your mortgage, you may be required to have the property appraised. Sometimes your lender will cover this cost.

$300 - $450 plus GST

(May be required.)

Land Survey Fee

Lenders may require a survey of the property. If existing survey is unacceptable or unavailable, a new one must be prepared.

$300-500 plus GST

(May be required)

Lawyer / Notary Public Fees

To assist with drafting documents and transfer of title ownership of property.

Title Insurance

$700 - $900 for a notary public $800 - $1500 for a lawyer


Property Transfer Tax

Qualifying first-time home buyers may be exempt from paying the PTT if their home is priced up to $500,000. There is a proportional exemption for homes priced between $500,000 and $525,000. At $525,000 and above, there's no rebate.

Qualifying buyers of new built homes may be exempt if the purchase price of their home is priced up to $750,000. There is a proportional exemption for homes priced between $750,000 and $800,000. At $800,000 and above, there's no rebate. 

An additional 15% PTT is charged on the purchase price to buyers in Metro Vancouver who are not Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada, and who don’t have work permits.

1% on the first $200,000

2% on the remainder up to and includes $2 million.

3% on amounts greater than

$2 million

Good and Service Tax (GST)

Only applicable to Brand New Homes or substantially renovated homes, land bought from a developer, commercial and leases.

A GST rebate equivalent to 36% of the GST paid is available for new homes priced up to $350,000 and a partial rebate on new homes priced up to $450,000.

5% of the Purchase Price

Home Insurance

Lenders typically require home buyers with a mortgage to buy home insurance. The insurance should be effective on the earlier of either the completion date or the date that the balance of funds is placed in trust. 

Varies on type of property, value of the property, and coverage plan.

Adjustment Costs

Property taxes

Depending on the Contract of Purchase and Sale, a home buyer will likely be required to reimburse the seller for any prepaid property taxes. The lender may require the buyer to add property tax installments to monthly mortgage payments.

Utility bills

A buyer is typically required to reimburse the seller for any prepayments for municipal utilities such as water, sewer, drainage, garbage, and recycling.

Rent and security deposits

If there is a secondary suite or a laneway home rental and the tenancy continues, the buyer receives the security deposit from the seller with accrued interest. The buyer is responsible for reimbursement when the tenant leaves.


Strata Move In Fee

The strata will install protection padding for the elevator and will reserve the elevator specifically for you to move in.

$150 - $250

Moving Cost

Varies depending on the distance moved and whether professional movers do all of the packing.






$ 300 - $ 800




$ 300 - $ 450 + GST

( 可能需要 )


借款方可能要求提供房屋土地调查。 如果现有的调查报告不能接受或者缺失,则需要提供新的调查报告。

$ 300 - $ 500 + GST

( 可能需要 )




$ 700 - $ 900 相关公

$ 800 - $ 1500 律

$ 100 - $ 300 房屋产权保险


格的第一次家(全球)可以免去财产转让费如果成交价格在50万以及以内。 50万到52万5之可以根据价格免去部分转让税。52万5 及其以上不享用此政策。


海外买家(没有加拿大工作签证,枫叶卡以及加拿大护照)需支付额外的15% 财产转让税。

1% -前20万

2% -剩余的部分且不超2百万(包括2百万)

3% - 2百万以上部分。


通常只用于新房, 具体细节请咨询律师。

成交价格的 5%





根据买卖合同, 如果卖家已经提前付完了当年的房屋税,买家通常会被要求补还一部分给卖家。借款方可能会要求买家将房屋税分期放到每个月的贷款中。




所买房屋中有出租屋并且有租客, 卖家则需要提供从租客那里收到的押金给买家。 在租客离开时,买家有责任将押金退还给租客




$ 150 - $ 250




( 解除条件后或者接受合同后)

通常是成交价的 5 %