Personal Real Estate Corporation

Easy Buying Process



  1. Get Pre-qualified for a Mortgage

    • Find out how much bank is willing to lend

    • Review your financial situation

    • Set budget for home purchase

  2. Analyze Your Needs and Develop Your Wish List

    • Your must-haves

    • Nice to haves

    • Absolutely Nos

  3. Select and View Properties

    • Look and feel the home

  4. Write an Offer

    • Price range

    • Inclusions

    • Ideal closing and possession date

    • Conditions that need to be met for the deal to go through

  5. Meet Conditions / Subjects

    • Inspection

    • Title Search

    • Financing

    • Strata Documents

    • Property Disclosure Statement

  6. Provide Deposit

    • Usually 5% of purchase price upon final subject removal or accepted offer

  7. Get funds ready for closing


  1. Close on property and get documents signed with lawyer or notary public a few days before completion date.


  1. Take possession and get keys! CONGRATULATIONS!



    1. 通过银行贷款审核:


                       A. 了解银行给您的贷款额度

                       B. 分析自家财政情况

                       C. 设定买房预算


    1. 分析您的购房需求并制定愿望清单:


    1. 必要的要求

    2. 其它一些次要的要求


    1. 选择并看房:


    1. 挑选您有兴趣的房源

    2. 让您的经纪安排看房的行程

    3. 了解房源的社区与周边的公共设施

    1. 写合同:


                       A.  价格范

                B.  需要包括的物件

                C.  理想的成交及入住日期

                D.  需要满足的条件


    6. 成交前提条件:


                    A.  验屋

                    B. 产权查询

                    C. 贷款

                    D. 管理公司文件

                    E. 房屋情况披露书


         7. 付押金:



    8. 准备好资金


         9. 在成交日的前几天,与律师或相关公证人签订相关文件。

         10. 获得钥匙并完成交易! 恭喜成功购房